How It All Began

Asian Elephant

It all began when award winning film maker, Author and internationally renowned adventurer Mick O’Shea travelled mainland South East Asia extensively in the late 1990’s attempting to quench his thirst for adventure, wildlife encounters and exotic cultures. By 1999, Mick was managing operations in peninsular Malaysia for Tracks Outdoor BHD, where, among other responsibilities he fixed Adventure and Extreme Sports film shoots in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Laos.


By 2000 Mick had established his own company ‘Wildside Asia’, which soon emerged as one of Indochina’s leading Outdoors operators with 6 branch offices and over 40 staff. For film makers who preferred to venture beyond the capital cities of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, Wildside was a natural Film Fixing  partner with the network, contacts, skills and resources at hand to efficiently and effectively get things done in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. 


“Mick and his team have been invaluable assets to the productions on which we have collaborated. They always start with the outlook that nothing is impossible, which is essential for ambitious and ground breaking productions”

"Nicholas Head, Series Producer –  Primal Survivor (Nat Geo), Fishing Impossible (ITV) "

By 2003 Mick was engaged to Yuta O’Shea, a highly qualified logistics and hospitality specialist and together they continued developing 'Wildside Expeditions' as film fixing gradually evolved into a major arm of the business.


Siamese Fighting Fish 1
Siamese Fighting Fish 2

In 2004 Mick undertook the historic first complete exploration and navigation  of  the mighty Mekong River Mainstream from source to sea. He succeeded while simultaneously producing and co directing the multi award winning environmental film ‘Mekong, Exploring the Mother of Waters’. Shot in 6 countries over the course of the 142 day expedition and was followed by Mick’s Book ‘In the Naga’s Wake’, published in several languages.

In 2006 Mick was awarded the 'Inspirational Young West Australian of the Year' Award by Scoop Magazine and in the same year an expedition designed and led by Mick was selected as Editors Choice for Best Trip in the World 2006 by National Geographic Traveller. 


Mick and Yuta’s outstanding reputation as film fixers is such that between 2006 to 2018 they decided it wasn’t necessary to maintain a web presence, since they were busy enough with word of mouth recommendations from their happy clients. They proceeded to successfully fix over 60 shoots and to build a team and a network of film fixing resources that is second to none in the region.


Finally, in May 2018 they decided it was time to re-establish a web presence so that new clients could find them easier and the websites Film Fixers Thailand, Film Fixers Laos and Film Fixers Cambodia were established. If you would like to work with some of the most experienced and professional film fixers in the region. Please contact us to discuss your project today!

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